In Love and Friendship, you play as a young lady named Miss Merritt, a veteran of Regency society. The season–a period of the year designated for arguably excessive social interaction and wasteful displays of wealth and status–is yours for the commanding. Decide how you want to spend the next few months among society’s richest, well-sculpted upper echelon. Though the outcome of the season may determine the rest of your life. 

  • Pursue 3 romance options
    • 2 female, 1 male
  • or  pursue a platonic friendship with this season’s most coveted Gentleman, Mr. Langley
  • Shape your character’s personality and skills
  • Play by Regency rules or break them to your heart’s content
  • Thwart a relation’s convoluted inheritance scheme or ignore it and live on your own terms
  • Find love and friendship and riches, marry for either or both or all three!

Miss Merritt - A Young Lady

Miss Merritt is one and twenty years of age, embarking on her fifth season in town or London. Being a single child to two well-off parents, growing up in large and covetous property in the countryside, has afforded her the lifestyle to pursue those attributes considered non-negotiable among respectable young women. And while the Merritt’s hold no title, they are highly regarded as one of the older, settled families in society. 

This season holds particular merit as most young ladies are expected to be attached or actively engaged in searching for a life partner by their third season. Miss Merritt has let that aspect of herself languish in favor of cultivating her skills and experience. But the external pressures do not come alone. A cunning ploy orchestrated by one of the Merritt’s closest(in blood, not attitude) relations threatens to wrest control of the Merritt's estate unless the young lady can find herself a suitable match by the season’s end.

“What’s a lady to do but follow her heart.”

Samantha Renolds - The Childhood Friend

Growing up only a mile or so from the Merritt's residence in Easton, Sam is your first and closest friend. Sam can be quiet and rather shy, which made her the perfect partner in crime. The pair got up to all sorts of mischief; playing the piano-forte in a crowded assembly room, sipping stolen brandy as teens, etc. But the merry times ended with Mrs. Renold's sudden bout illness and the family's departure(turned extended-stay) to the continent. This season will be the first time in over five years that you'll be seeing one another. There’s no telling what remains of your friendship after such a gap if anything at all.

Soft, pale hands that feel at home in yours, it's hard to imagine Sam looking different than the day she left you. But Miss Renolds has changed. Golden curls that graze her waist when they aren't tightly wound into a bun. Crow's feet crinkle around her light brown eyes, an edge to their warmth. A healthy glow replaces her usual pallor, no doubt from months spent in Europe's sun. But what hurts most is the stoic mask that replaces your friend's sparse, but bright smiles. She's changed, indeed.

Vivian Fortescue - The Frosty Widow

Vivian’s story is harder to tell. While many in society know her, her family, her husbands(oh yes, plural!) for many years, no one can claim closeness to the thrice-now widow. The bleeding-hearts pity her; to marry and settle down, only to lose it all, again and again. The petty and envious whisper conspiracy and concoct extreme theories. Although one does wonder….three very rich, very influential husbands dead. Yet, since the death of her third and final husband two years ago, Vivian has worn nothing but mourning colors. The rumors have quieted down but some still whisper of the widow’s heart of stone, her curse to bear alone. 

Before she donned the veil--white or black, take your pick--Ms. Vivian Fortescue was known for her height, long toned legs, and a healthy tan on her olive-toned skin, marked as one who enjoyed the sun. Now, most are lucky to note the slight curve of her mouth, the sharpness of her dark–near-black eyes, or spot her black curls neatly tucked beneath lace. But, of course, society only has their eyes on her dress, her black wardrobe colored only by the deepest shades of purple, red, and green. 

Lord Warren Hind - The Rake

Lord Warren Hind is known for two things, wicked green eyes and scandalous rumor. A second son, Warren, like most others, assumed he’d never have to bother with his father’s title and so took advantage of life’s carnal pleasures, earning him the dubious reputation as society’s untouchable rake. All well and good until the sudden and mysterious death of his elder brother only a few years prior. Now saddled with the responsibility of a title, acres of land, and the wellbeing of his brother’s widow and child, Warren has been quiet, almost sullen, as of late. To the dismay of wagging tongues, Lord Hind may be better behaved than he looks.

Piercing eyes account for much of the initial speculation surrounding Warren. But it’s rather unfair to the rest of his equally attractive features, his casually tousled brown locks, his slightly athletic tanned build, his vulpine smile. Mercurial to a fault, Lord Hind bounces from emotion to emotion, ever craving, ever unsatisfied. But with baggage like that, who would brave scandal just to take a closer look. 

Hugh Langley - The Red Herring Dandy

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. Hugh Langley is not. Not in a way that matters, but that won’t stop the hoards of mothers springing their daughters upon him. His income, his family history, his address, all up for public discussion, it seems.  All he wants to get through the season without entangling himself with someone he cannot stand, and maybe have some fun if he can find a moment of peace. 

A stranger might describe Hugh as a not-so-young man in his early thirties with dark brown skin, effortlessly braided black hair, and striking blue eyes. But a friend could tell you about his obsession with red-colored clothes, or the small scar on his upper lip he hides with his facial hair, or how his cane is more than just a fashion statement.

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As someone who believes in Friends to Lovers Supremacy I already know who I'm going to romance <3


there's an error in the game it won't run and pops up an error message when I click to begin.


Hi there! I’m sorry to hear that, what does the error message say? The most common issue tends be your cookies are disabled and the game needs them to run or your browser might need updating. Let me know if that fixes it!


It says html lower case code missing.


Okay, so I did some testing and wasn’t able to replicate the error? I, also, did some digging and the best I can find is that there is a browser error? It doesn’t seem to be an issue with the twine game, itself. Perhaps a different browser might solve the error? If that doesn’t fix it, can you post a screenshot of the error message? I’m so sorry that it’s not working out.

Lol I will try to find one I started using chrome awhile back when browser games stopped being compatible with mozzilla firefox.

(Update) I dont get why this worked but it works on Mozilla Firefox which is odd ( there's other games that are text and in browser like this I play on my chrome so idk why it messed up for yours)


I just played it. It's so good! I like Samantha a lot. 


This sounds so exciting and I love what I've seen of it from the screenshots! :) 

Unfortunately, the game doesn't seem to be loading (for me, at least) as it says that there is an "error: no valid storage adapters found". 

Hello! Thank you!! I'm sorry to hear you're getting an error! It can happen if your browser version is a bit older or if the browser settings have disabled cookies, since that how the game is stored and retrieved.  I hope that helps! Please let me know if the error continues!


That helped a lot, thank you! Managed to play the game and it was even better than what I was expecting. I especially love the fact that we have several different pages in our journal, especially the one listing all the rumours we hear. I'm looking forward to the update!


I am so excited for this story! I started two saves because I started one in the morning on my computer at home and another on a work computer during my lunch break because I couldn't wait until I got home to read more <3 As far as critiques, I don't think I have any outside of typos. For me, there wasn't a time when I wanted to have a choice but didn't, and the conversations seemed pretty natural. I had fun reading the journal pages as they were unlocked. Totally stoked to figure out what's going on with Sam and banter more with Mr. Langley. Excited to meet the others, as well! Great work and bless you for this project.

Ahhhh!!!! I totally understand the feeling! I'm so giddy to hear you enjoyed LaF that much^^ Thank you for the lovely comment!!


This is absolutely amazing! I love your writing style and romance games are just my cup of tea. The characters are wonderfully fleshed out, even in the short amount you have. I look forward to playing more of the game and can't wait to romance the characters. Great job! 😊


Thank you!! I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the characters! I really wanted to make them feel like actual people to interact with, rather than set dressing or vague npcs.

Well you definitely succeeded in that! :)


Can't wait for more! Really well written so far, best of luck completing it :)

Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you like it^^


Good job so far! Keep up the good work!

Thank you!!